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Powerful Data Visualisations

Productivity, Job Satisfaction and Collaboration come together for the first time to give you a bird’s eye view of how you and your team are doing. Adadot helps you uncover insight from the tools that you use daily like Slack, Jira, or Gitlab.


Wellbeing Alerts

A system that proactively helps you manage your team’s wellbeing and notifies you when your team is struggling? Check! Look after yourself and your team by preventing burnout before it happens. Wellbeing scoring to keep track of progress over time.


Retros & Feedback Loops

Discover what went well and what can be improved in projects and shine the light on superstar employees. Uncover pockets of excellence and areas that need your attention with the help of real-time data at your fingertips.


Better Resourcing, Happier Teams

Never overwork yourself or your team again with Adadot’s intuitive capacity capture that keeps manual data entry to a minimum. Make sure everyone is spending the right time on the right things.


Enterprise level permissions, for everyone

Up to 27 potential combinations of access to ensure that only the right people have access to the right data. Confidently ensure employee privacy.

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