Why Us

We have all been there…
Truly, we have!

We are marketing and development heavyweights who, after spending years working for start-ups and corporates alike, decided we wanted to do things a little bit differently.


Launching new channels, managing peaks in marketing activity or simply finding the right experts to work with can be stressful at best. Instead of spending your time on business critical tasks you find yourself sifting through freelancer proposals – there’s just too many variables to manage, from sourcing to schedules, fees to the overall quality.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a bespoke marketing team at your fingertips, no need to spend time going through proposals and negotiating rates? Vetted experts on demand matched to your exact requirements with no long term contracts in sight. Access to senior marketers without the hefty overhead of an agency.

Don’t overthink it, stack it on Adadot and ship it!

  • Your Adadot team acts as an extension of your organisation taking care of campaign execution, creative production and copywriting so that you can focus on your customers.
  • Direct and speedy access to experts you can trust
  • Visibility on your results, projects and teams through our client portal; all in one place


Don’t you just love a last-minute campaign brief? Or that all-important pitch you have coming up with not enough hours in the day to work on? What about that Account Director that just quit leaving you high and dry right before peak season? Instead of focusing on strategy and high value task you are worried about resourcing. Freelancers, while a temporary solution still have to be sourced, vetted and interviewed.

With Adadot you can be prepared for all of those eventualities and anything else agency life throws at you. Our experts have worked for some of the best agencies out there (including big six) and brands we all know and love.

Don’t overthink it, Ad a Dot to your team!

  • Short staffed? Slammed with work? Extend your team swiftly when you need to and deliver on all your organization’s asks
  • Gain incremental revenue by exploring different channels and taking on more opportunities
  • Motivate your team by getting Adadot to work on campaign delivery while you focus on strategy


Picture this: you can work from wherever you want, the world is your oyster. The projects you are working on are tailored to you and your interests. You don’t have to spend hours each day scrolling through job sites, work comes to you. No need to spend time on proposals that never get picked up or negotiating rates with unqualified clients.

Ideal, right? Well, this is reality for our team of expertly vetted marketers.

  • Race to the top, not the bottom. No bidding or competing with others for jobs. Qualified jobs get delivered to you.
  • Flexible projects which you can work on from wherever you want in the world
  • Support from a community of like minded individuals with proven skills
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