Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adadot?


Adadot is a fast and reliable way to access elite marketers. We do all the heavy lifting in sourcing and vetting top professionals so that you can access a flexible workforce with confidence. Moreover, our system can bring whole teams of experts together saving significant time and money in the process.

What additional tools and functionality do you offer?


We provide an end-to-end solution with brief standardisation, scope of work estimation, payment processing, talent matching, project management software and results dashboard all in one place.

How can Adadot help me reduce hiring bias in my organisation?


This one of the areas we truly shine. Ada, our algorithm selects the top matching experts for your requirements. It's completely agnostic of gender, age, race or other areas of bias. Because of the flexibility our experts enjoy, you are able to access a much more diverse workforce optimised for excellence.

What kind of experts do you typically onboard?


Top experts only. With regards to areas of expertise we onboard elite individuals in the areas of biddable advertising, Google, Facebook, Instagram ads, Display ads, Native ads, SEO, creative production, content writing, copywriting. We also offer marketing strategy consultancy for businesses who need help with aspects of marketing mix, forecasting and team capacity planning.

How do you vet your experts?


We specialise in full stack vetting which means that not only do we assess an individual’s background but we also test the following: technical domain expertise, portfolio excellence, behavioural attributes and language (written and verbal). Our methods have been developed by scaling high performing marketing teams over the past 10+ years so they are battle tested.

How does it work for Agencies?


Adadot was established by people with decades’ worth of experience scaling high performing teams in agencies so we really understand your challenges. We have reflected this in our vetting process and the calibre of experts we onboard. Agencies can access Adadot flexibly on a project by project basis, however, its much more cost effective to contact us for a monthly subscription.

Adadot can help your agency in the following ways: access to incremental income via service expansion and referrals, time and money savings with more effective sourcing.

How does it work for Businesses?


Our streamlined briefing process and user friendly platform is ideal for ambitious businesses who are looking to scale their marketing functions. We also provide additional top level consultancy support with marketing strategy, forecasting and team planning.

More importantly we help you estimate the scope of work for your project so that you can confidently engage resource at the right level.

How does it work for Experts?


Once onboarded you can sit back, relax and wait for relevant jobs to be delivered to you. Our standardised briefing ensures that you have all the relevant information to hit the ground running. The dashboard and project management system allows you to automate and streamline your work, allowing you to focus on what matters.

When joining you also become a part of the Adadot community. Its another support system for you and populated by other top experts.

We have designed Adadot to be the top talent friendly solution in the market.

What do you mean by top talent friendly?


We pride ourselves in creating an environment for top talent to thrive. Our system only notifies the best matched markers instead of allowing for excessive bidding on the platform. Aside from only onboarding the best we provide a vibrant community to help support our marketers, packed with the latest industry news. The tools we have inbuilt within the platform such as results dashboard and project management software facilitate every day account and communication management to allow you to focus on delivering brilliant marketing campaigns.

In all of these ways we ensure that top talent stays active on our platform and we experience much lower attrition rates than other solutions out there.

How does Adadot compare to other solutions?


This is one of our favourite questions. In short, we are much safer than a marketplace, more reliable than finding your own project based talent, cheaper than using a recruiter and considerably faster than all of the above. In fact, you are looking at saving up to 80% on time and 40% on cost of a traditional hire.

Why do you require a nominal deposit?


We require a nominal deposit in order to make sure that your payment details are correct. The deposit will count towards your total bill so you are not paying for anything extra.

What is your pricing structure?


The most cost effective way to access Adadot is via a monthly subscription. We use factors such as the type and size of your business to help define the level of your monthly fee.

Alternatively, should you wish to access our experts at an ad hoc basis our fees are covered by the project charge.

Are you open to partnerships?


We are open to partnerships with businesses and individuals with which we share common values. Typical partners include digital training and certification organisations, digital and creative agencies, and industry personalities. We operate a referral program so please get in touch if you would like to benefit from putting work through the platform.

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